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January 18 2015

A Call to Alarms

A Call to Alarms


While the title of this post may be a play on words, the subject is no joke.  The villain goes by the moniker "The Silent Killer," and he potentially has access to both your home and mine.  As a California mortgage professional, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real issue for me because if a home is not suitably outfitted with the alarms that detect this threat, we can be virtually certain we are going to have problems during the loan process and when the appraisal comes in.


SB183, the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act, went into effect on July 1, 2011, yet we still come across homes on both the purchase and refinance side that lack CO detectors.  No matter how often we remind listing agents to assure their homes are adequately equipped, we still get reports back that indicate their absence.  Some time ago, I even convinced our appraisal management company (AMC) to change the language of the appraisal order e-mail to include, prominently in bold red font, that carbon monoxide detectors must be installed prior to inspection.  


But I write this post not because I wish to chastise the oversights of Realtors and homeowners.  For me, the paradigm on this matter has shifted.  I used to see just the nuisance component of SB183 ---- appraisal reinspections, additional costs and process delays.  I used to view this as just another fabricated regulation, another law, another hindrance.  But now, it's personal and I view it as a call to arms.  If my clients are living, or going to live, in any dwelling, they must protect against this threat.  I can be a foot soldier in the war and can take up arms as well.  Here is my ammunition, courtesy of the Novato Fire Prevention District:


About CO Alarms

  • CO alarms should be installed outside each sleeping area.  Install alarms on every level of the home.  
  • Follow the instructions on the package to properly install the CO alarm.
  • Test CO alarms at least once a month.
  • Know the sound the CO alarm makes and learn to distinguish this from smoke alarms and/or the sound these detectors make when the battery is low.
  • If the CO alarm sounds, you MUST get fresh air.  Do not re-enter the premises until cleared by emergency personnel.


How to Prevent CO Poisoning

  • When warming a vehicle, move it out of the garage.  Do not run a fueled engine indoors, even if garage doors are open.
  • Clear all debris from dryer, furnace, stove and fireplace vents.
  • Generators should be used outdoors.
  • Gas and charcoal grills can produce CO.  Only use them outside.
  • Have heating equipment and chimneys inspected by a professional every year before cold weather sets in.
  • Open the damper when using a fireplace.
  • Never use your oven or stove to heat your home.


Signs and Symptoms of CO Poisoning

  • Most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and confusion.
  • High levels of CO inhalation can cause loss of consciousness and death.
  • People who are sleeping or intoxicated can die from CO poisoning before ever experiencing symptoms.


As real estate professionals, CO poisoning is an enemy we can defeat together, for the benefit of our clients and ourselves.  Instead of viewing the installation of detectors as a huge pain, let's change our stance and view its fix as an inexpensive, simple and immutable fact of real property transactions in California. 


Stay safe out there,



Rob Spinosa
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Debut of Fannie Mae's Appraisal Review Slated for January 26, 2015

Debut of Fannie Mae's Appraisal Review Slated for January 26, 2015 


     Fannie Mae has rolled out a new safeguard for Lenders and Underwriters, as they continue to strive for Appraisal integrity and accuracy ...

     This new Lender's tool becomes available on January 26, 2015 ... the very same day that FHA institutes their new Mortgage Insurance Reduction.  (See my recent post, "January 26, 2015: Changes Ahead for Mortgage Financing" for details regarding FHA's changes.)

     The development of this new "Appraisal Review" tool is intended to help alert Underwriters and Lenders of inconsistencies of Appraisal data submitted through the processes "already in place".  

     To better understand what impact these changes may have on the Mortgage Process, I'll start by explaining what steps a Lender takes regarding Appraisals ... from the initial ordering, submission, processing, and on through review.  

     Please remember:  Not all Lenders (Banks, Mortgage Companies, etc.) handle the ordering of an Appraisal in the same manner.  What follows below is a breakdown of the standard process for the handling of an Appraisal for a Conventional Mortgage ... and the process I myself use as a Chicago-area Mortgage Lender:  

     The process typically follows this course:

  • Mortgage Application taken
  • Appraisal ordered by Mortgage Lender's appointed staff-member (NOT the LO themselves)
  • Appraisal Management Company of Lender's choice, designates the Appraisal assignment to a specific Appraiser
  • Appraiser inspects property, completes the Report, and electronically sends it to the Lender  
  • Lender submits the final Appraisal version through an automated system  
  • The system makes the Report available to the Lender, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac simultaneously in receipt
  • The Loan Processor logs the Report into the Lender's Automated/Loan Operating System.  It's then prepared for Underwriter's Review
  • The Loan Officer and their Processing Team reviews the Appraisal for:   

           1.  Value Estimate 
           2.  Repairs needed
           3.  Conditions of Value
           4.  Accuracy
           5.  Zoning
           6.  Flood Hazard Zones
           7.  Consistency with the Title Insurance Policy
           8.  More 

  • Underwriter reviews the Appraisal Report for:

           1.  Accuracy
           2.  Consistency
           3.  Use of the most similar Comparables available
           4.  Reasonability of Value Estimate
           5.  Suitability of the collateral for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac lending standards, among other things

     Note:  Some Lenders may have an Appraisal Review Division that adds an additional layer of protection and set-of-eyes to determine the overall reliability of the Appraisal Report.
     As of January 26, 2015, one more layer of Appraisal Review will be added.  Fannie Mae's CU (Collateral Underwriter) is being introduced to help screen "risky" Appraisals and any inadequacies and inconsistencies that might be found within them.  

     How Lenders' Underwriters will utilize this new tool remains to be seen.  It's likely to put even more pressure on Appraisers to provide accurate, consistent, well-documented, well-explained Reports ...  


     *    Hoping to Buy, Build, or Refinance within the Chicagoland area?   Or have a client in need of Mortgage answers or service?   Contact Me  today!  I'll put my 37 years of Mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
     I can be easily found at:

Direct:  815.524.2280
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815.524.2280 or via his email: gmundt@goapmc.com.

Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender soon!

Last Week's Favorites on ActiveRain: January 11th - 17th

This week just flew by!  And this made me glad that I bookmark so many posts throughout the week!  and here are the ones I liked the best this week:

Motivation vs Discipline Chuck Willman:  I just loved this post.  And in my book, discipline trumps just about everything.

Liability and Fiduciary Responsibility While Showing Property Chris Ann Cleland: This one got comments as good as the post.

Showing In Session... Here's Your Sign! Amanda Thomas:  And here is a solution that Miss Manners would love.

It is a good practice for a professional listen more than they talk Greg Steinaker:  We should all read this once a month - at least!

Sellers over-posting on Social Media Vanessa Griffin:  Here's another one of "those" conversations we need to have with our sellers.

"If you catch an adjective, kill it." Marte Cliff:  Perhaps should be here every single week!

Who Needs a Parachute?! Melinda () Peterson:  There are so many terrific Rainers trying all kinds of stuff - and sharing it!

Prospecting is the real business Larry Lawfer:  This is like, um, Real Estate 101!

January 15th 2015 San Diego Photo Journal - Balboa Park Rose Garden William Johnson:  What amazing roses!

And Frozen Pipes from LOW temps can flood basements ~ Scarsdale NY 10583 Hillary Sheperd:  Thank you Debbie Reynolds!  And so seasonal.

That's it for this week.  In the meantime, stay warm (I don't have to say this you folks in Florida or California)  and please, blog on!








January 17 2015

What I Learned This Week at ActiveRain-January 11 to January 17, 2015.

What I Learned This Week At ActiveRain-January 11 to January 17, 2015


I learn something new every day at ActiveRain!  With this series, I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that “lightbulb” moment.  It could be something techie, about Real Estate, about a place or person!  Or it could be a post that made me sit up and take notice!

tammy lankfordJanuary 11:  Tammy Lankford     Community Guidelines: Don’t take points for posts you copy and paste.

Tammy makes an interesting point about copy and paste and what is or isn’t original material.  Hope you’ll give her post a read. What do you think?



marte cliffJanuary 12: Marte Cliff    Need to write marketing materials and can’t get started? Try this.

If you have some problems gathering and organizing your thoughts when you’re ready to

write a post, I strongly suggest you read/memorize Marte’s post.



susan haughtonSusan Haughton  “The Agent Priced It Too Low.”

Susan’s excellent post shows us that sometimes it isn’t always about the almighty dollar when a seller prices their home.





connie harveyJanuary 13:  Connie Harvey    Recycle your 2014 Christmas Cards!

I’ve received Christmas cards that are so beautiful, I hate tossing them in the recycle bin.  Connie tells us how we can recycle them an even better way.




erin batesJanuary 14:   Erin Bates   Manifest Intentions for You AND Your Clients

If you’re looking for a way to add a layer of positive energy to your listing presentations or any time you’re working with a client, child or anyone else, consider manifest intentions.




toni weidmanJanuary 15:  Toni Weidman    What Kind of Networker Are You?

Well, I spotted myself quickly in Toni’s post.  What about you?





richie naggarJanuary 16:  Richie Alan Naggar     Worst Vacation Story Part 1

Want a fun read?  Don’t stop with Part 1, though.  You have to read all 4 parts, and you will chuckle and wince and relate.




larry and sheila agranoffJanuary 17: Lawrence (Larry) & Sheila Agranoff  I Don’t Use Business Cards

I just can’t imagine this, can you?  But it what Larry and Sheila ran into.

nick pappasNick Pappas     Organizing To Sell Your Home


I love all of Nick’s suggestions but # 6 is the most creative one I’ve seen yet.  This is perfect for those of us who have sentimental attachments to things.


C heck out Pat Kennedy’s Weekly Favorites Post, Debbie Reynolds Saturday Subscriber Finds.



Thank you for letting me do what I love to do each day... learn something new!


Saturday Subscriber Finds 87

Saturday Subscriber Finds 87 

Many times a sale wouldn't be a sale without calling in a contractor to help get the home in shape to go on the market. I thought of some of our Rainers that help with these tasks and these folks know what needs to be done and how to do it the right way. These contractors bring some valuable posts to the Rain and we learn so much from hearing about what they encounter.

The purpose of this series is to introduce you to some great bloggers. Let's get started. This is the Saturday Subscriber Finds 87.

HIllary Shepherd

Our first contractor is from New York and works in the lower Hudson Valley area in Scardale/Mount Vernon. Hillary Shepherd and her husband own the SERVPRO Restoration business in the area and the services they offer are very broad. Not only do they do clean up, fire and water restorations but they also assist in move-outs, pack ups if a homeowner needs assistance in that area. Check out their website for a complete list of the services they offer. Hillary likes to write helpful tips and post online and you will find lots of such tips on her blog. Finding trustworthy contractors can be a challenge but the people in Hillary's region are lucky to have her to turn to when the going gets rough or natural disasters happen. Go to Hillary's blog and you will learn a lot from reading her posts. Then you'll want to Follow her.

Debbie GartnerThe next contractor is no stranger to anyone that has been playing int he Rain for awhile. Debbie Gartner is the go-to person for all things flooring. Debbie owns her own business in Westchester NY and Stamford CT and calls herself the Flooring Girl. When it comes to knowing about types of hardwood floors, tile, carpet and the rest, Debbie is the person to turn to. She writes very informative blog posts that can be found all over the web. She is making a big name for herself in the flooring business. She received the Best of Houzz award for 2014. Debbie is a hardworking lady and strives to please her customers which she does time and time again Not only does she know about flooring but she does a great job marketing and on SEO. If you are not following Debbie I have to ask, Why Not? Click over to her blog and hit the follow button.

Tom Arstingstall

Next is Tom Artstingstall from the Sacremento CA area. Tom specializes in dry rot ans water damage repairs but has many other skills as well. He can do most all types of carpentry work and is not afraid to tackle bathroom and kitchen remodels. Tom has lots of experience and and has a keen eye and knows how to evaluate the situation. Tromler Construction is a respected company and Tom has worked hard to gain the good name and reputation. As for blogging you will learn a lot from reading Tom's posts. He shares good information and let's us in on some of the problems he encounters. I find I have garnered lots of knowledge about how to take preventive measures especially around water sources. Do you follow Tom? Go over to his blog and hit the Follow button now.


Saturday Subscriber Finds 87If you are looking for some new bloggers to follow why not check out these Rainers. Tune in next time to see who will be mentioned. Look for  Saturday Subscriber Finds 88 next week.



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How Technology Killed Millennial Communication

It's causing the death of a generation. Or at least the communication of the millennial generation.

And we're all becoming infected.

My wife is trying to save our family. She's identified an antidote.

It's called "20 minutes of no technology during dinner".

If my symptoms are particularly bad, she'll actually confiscate my cell phone.

It leaves my skin crawling as I go through withdrawal.

The more I interact with millennials - whether I'm interviewing them, overseeing internships or giving speeches to them - the more I see it. It's an entire generation that doesn't know how to communicate.

Here are some stats for you:

According to a Nielsen study, 83 percent of millennials say they sleep with their smartphones. (I think 17% of them overslept and missed the study).

A Cisco study found that 56 percent of millennials won't accept jobs from companies that ban social media.

An Odesk study found that 89 percent of millennials would prefer to choose when and where they work rather than being in a 9-to-5 position, and 45 percent would rather be able to work from home than make more money.

An Intrepid study found that 48 percent say word-of-mouth (specifically social media) influences their purchasing decisions over TV ads. 63% stay updated on brands through social networks.

A study by Millennial Branding found that 50 percent of college millennials say they don't need a physical classroom. 53 percent believe online colleges are reputable. And 39% view the future of education as being virtual.

How prepared are they to enter the workforce? A 2013 study commissioned by Bentley University found that 35 percent of business leaders assigned a score of "C" or lower on preparedness to recent college grads they've hired. And get this - 37 percent of those grades gave themselves the same grade range.

A 2013 State of St. Louis Workforce study found that a lack of communication skills and poor work ethic, along with a lack of critical thinking and problem solving schools were the biggest shortcomings of the job applicants - far outpacing a lack of technical skills such as math and computer.

How did this happen??

It's not rocket science, folks. You've probably seen the videos on YouTube. Babies sitting on mom's lap...trying to "swipe" the pages on the magazine that mom is holding as if she were using an iPad.

Entire coffee shops filled with people sitting together and ignoring each other as they text on their smart phone.

People who don't know how to maintain eye contact.

20-somethings who don't know how to properly shake your hand (hint - always touch webbing and never let your wrist go limp).

People who have no interest in attending their class reunion, as I wrote about previously, because they already know what everyone in their class has been doing.

Doorbells? What are those? "Text u when i get there"

Landline? Never heard of it. Text me, bro.

Rock concerts where people don't hold up lighters, they hold up cell phones.

Presidents who can't give a speech without a teleprompter.

People falling in front of trains who don't get a hand...they get YouTubed.

Yes, it's a stereotype of an entire generation. Actual human communication is dead. But there's good news.

The fact that so few millennials know how to communicate helps make those who DO know how to have a real conversation SHINE. It's sad that so few people in this generation have a strong work ethic, but it means that they will be the few and the proud that SUCCEED.

I want to know what you think. What are you seeing out there? Is this a generation that can be saved? Or is the shift in HOW they communicate a GOOD thing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Kyle Reyes is the President and Creative Director of The Silent Partner Marketing, New England's #1 Marketing Agency. We're a boutique marketing firm focused on helping businesses grow in an age of exploding technology. You can find him on Google+Facebook and Twitter. He's the Chuck Norris of marketing. It's outrageous - we know. That's kind of the point. Outrageous marketing - extraordinary results. And yes - he wants to connect with you on LinkedIn, so send him a request!

Continue to Change to Meet the Market Demands

Continue to Change to Meet the Market Demands  

The most common cause of executive failure is inability or

unwillingness to change with the demands of a new

position. The executive who keeps on doing what

he has done before is almost bound to fail.”

Peter Drucker, Management Expert  


As I see it. . . . . . . .

Continue to change to meet the market demands


The only constant in life is change.


Successful people adjust to shifting market demands. They will move away from the things that are no longer effective . . . . And will change to meet the market demands with new and effective tools. Their flexible to change and adjust will create a degree of separation between themselves and their competitors . . . . and a strategic business advantage. 


A key in meeting the demands in a shifting market is the courage to change and adjust. With that change you move away from outdated methods . . . . and strategies to move into new and cutting edge methods and strategies.


Continue to change to meet the market demands . . . . and you will see that the change will continue to move you closer to greater business efficiencies.    


©2015 Lou Ludwig Motivational Power Quote, Sales and Management Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author


About the Veterans Administration Home Loan in MD & Northern Virginia.

About the Veterans Administration Home Loan in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

When a prospective home buyer contacts us with questions about homes for sale in the area, I usually try to determine their ability to finance the home they select to buy. Home buyers may not know how much home they can finance.  We can compute their home buying ability in about 2 minutes.  Then we're ready to tour.  We also inquire about whether or not they have Veteran Administration home loan benefits.

If the caller is Active Duty Military or has f ormer Military service and VA Benefits,
I know that they are probably eligible for the best home loan in the country.  Sure, that's a rather bold statement but I have yet to see a home loan that offers more opportunity for financing than the Veterans Administration Home Loan.

Search homes for sale in MD and Nothern Virginia HERE.

Closing Costs.  The immediate benefits of the VA loan include the ability for the seller to pay all of the VA buyer's closing costs. Further, the seller can also pay up to 4% of the loan amount to pay off debts such as credit card payments, loans, for the buyer.

This, combined with the NO DOWN PAYMENT LOAN the buyers can use, give the buyer more opportunities than they usually anticipated.  Most VA buyers know that they don't need a down payment but are unfamiliar with local closing costs, often 2-4% of the purchase price.

Some benefits of the VA home loan include:


1.  NO DOWN PAYMENT LOANS in the Maryland, Virginia, DC are up to $625,500.

2.  Generous DTI, debt to income ratios. 
The limiting factor is the requirement that, while the percentage of debt to income can exceed the 38 for conventional loans and 41 percent for FHA loans (the VA debt ratio can be up to 45%-50% or more), the Veterans Administration loans require that the borrower have residual income over the mortgage payment sufficient to pay normal living expenses depending on family size. 

3.  The Veterans Administration Home Loan is assumable
This feature offers additional opportunities when VA financed owners decide or need to sell.  If their home buyer also has VA benefits, the buyer's VA benefit can replace the owner/seller's benefit and the owner/seller has no further responsibility for payment and gets their VA home loan benefit restored.  If a buyer doesn't have VA benefits, they can still assume the loan but the seller's home loan benefit will not be restored (until that loan is paid off).


4.  The VA Administraction has a program for veterans and active duty home owners who are delinquent.  In fact, the VA home loan offers several ways to help a VA financed home owner and mitigate the owner's loss.

Some of the mitigation programs permit the Veteran or Active Duty owner to

* arrange a repayment plan for missed payments
* forebearance of the loan to arrange for a payment plan
* loan modification that may lower the amount owed, interest rate and payment
* arrange the time to sell the property
* permit the owner to manage a short sale
* accept a
Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

We are happy to assist VA Home Loan eligible home buyers.


Lenn Harley, broker, homefinders.com, 800-711-7988.

Search homes for sale in MD and Nothern Virginia HERE.



Want to learn more about Loudoun County, VA? Join Loudoun County, VA on Facebook!

Prospecting is the real business

Prospecting is the real business even though we are in the real estate business.  In most states it is not too difficult to get your license to sell real estate. It is always less time and less money than any college degree. Lots of people have their license.  The low income averages of real estate agents across the country I am sure have lots to do with people who have a license and work barely at all, part time or not very well.  Following the adage that even the blind squirrel can find the nut sometimes then any agent can find a listing or a buyer at some point.

The difference between a below average agent and the good to great agents is the good to great agents understand that we are not in the real estate business we are in the prospecting business. We are tasked, no, let me say this differently, we have the duty and Larry Lawfer testimonialopportunity to follow our local real estate market every single day and understand what is going on in it so that we can explain that to our sphere of influence, clients and prospects.  Should we fail on this simple task even for one day we are missing our opportunity.  If you are an agent who thinks the market is slow, or difficult I have to say, it is not the market it is you.  You are responsible for talking to people on a daily basis about what is going on in the market.

Food, Shelter and Clothing are the three primary needs of all humans.  Real Estate is number two on that hit parade. Everyone needs a place to stay, everyone will move at least once in your life. Prospecting is your job as an agent so that you can find these people and help them. Give it a try on a consistent basis for a week and watch what happens to your life, Prospecting is the real business

Larry Lawfer

Realtor®, Director of Marketing, Tech Ambassador

YourStories Realty Group with Keller Williams

680 High Street

Westwood, MA 02090

larry@lawfer.com, 617-774-8292

January 16 2015

"All Perils" Insurance Does Not Cover All Perils

Most homeowners today have a property insurance policy that is commonly referred to as an "All Perils" policy.  Truth be told the policy does not come close to covering all perils

With the recent rash of earthquakes in eastern CT (about 12 in about a week), my wife has been bugging me to check our policy to find out if we are earthquakeprotected against earthquakes.  We are not covered and we are not alone.  Every part of the country is affected by one natural or geological disaster of one type or another, and most natural or geological disasters are not covered by what would be deemed a "standard homeowner's insurance policy".

Some things that you might not realized are excluded from coverage include sewer backup or sump pump overflow.  If you have a home business, your business equipment is not covered, and the liability insurance offered as part of the standard homeowner's policy does not cover guests to your home for business purposes.  If your client or customer falls on the front walk while visiting you on business, the insurance company will not provide protection.

Some of the common things that are not covered that most people are aware of are floods and hurricanes and tornadoes.  Most policies do cover wind damage, but there is a fine line during a hurricane or tornado as to what damage might be caused by what, and a lot of these coverage issues result in litigation between the homeowner and the insurer as to what is really covered based upon the cause of the damage.

There is an excellent discussion of geological disasters on the website, geology.com and an good of explanation of what is and what is not covered under most insurance policies.  The website also provides maps from which it can be determined what typr of disater is common in what area of the country. 

Some conditions which you may not think about but which can cause  extensive damage to a home include "expansive soils" or "subsidence".  Expansive soils are soils that contain a lot of clay, and the soil expands when wet and contracts when dry.  This situation can cause foundations to shift and of course result in major damage.  Subsidence is less common and is caused by subsurface mining that can result in sink holes and other shifts in the soil which again, can cause foundation damage. 

In addition to all the other inspections and testing that a home buyer does, should they be advised to have a soil test to determine if the home is sitting on unsteady soil?  Certainly, a buyer should be advised to carefully determine what is and is not covered under the insurance policy they purchase so that the natural or geological disasters in their area are covered and that they are fully protected.

Your Dedicated Mortgage Consultant!

Randy Kirsch, NMLS #1012303

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Office: 860 647-7701 X120

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Email: randy@righttracfg.com



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The blogs written and published by Randy Kirsch are not in any manner whatsoever to be considered as legal advice or as a legal opinions.  If you have legal questions or concerns regarding any area of real estate law or mortgage law you are advised to consult a licensed, competent real estate attorney in your local area to address your concerns and questions.


Randy Kirsch does not guarantee nor is in any way responsible for the accuracy of the information provided herein, and provides said information without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.


Equal Housing Statement: We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing becuase of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Cold Air Pours In My Gas Fireplace

I have heard this so often from people who have this problem - cold air pours in my gas fireplace.

There can be only one reason - poorly-placed or inadequate insulation.

A lot of homes have the gas fireplace built into the wall and sticking out from the house.

The box is surrounded with siding and is approximately 4' x 5' in size.

The support underneath, in newer construction, is composed of some form of wood joist, typically an I-beam like the ones pictured to the left.

The protruding cavity MUST be completely filled with insulation, front to back, top to bottom, or cold air will flow into the gaps.  This cold air creates convective loops and will make its way into the house via small openings left by the gas line and fireplace materials.

In the subject house the underside in the basement was completely covered with drywall, so no visual analysis could be made of the insulation to determine the cause.  So, what to do?

This client had read some of my many thermal imaging blogs, and especially on this topic, and wanted a thermal image examination of the circumstance to give to his builder.  The house is two months old.


With the fireplace off Mighty Mo had a look see.

Looking at the fireplace with the camera, this palette uses orange and yellow to represent warmer temperatures and lavender, blue and purple to represent cooler temperatures.

The lower edge of the fireplace is very cold!

The surrounding area is 68F and the coldest spots are 46F!

Of course that cold can be felt coming in.  Outdoors at this moment the temperature is not that cold, about 30F.  Last week temperatures were much colder which was felt here, and precipitated the thinking about having a thermal image inspection.

Outside, again with the fireplace off, this is the view.

This is looking at heat escaping right at the floor level, which would be just under the fireplace. 

Radiant heat can be seen coming from underneath.

This is truly an insulation issue.

Then inside we turned on the fireplace and looked at the basement ceiling directly under the fireplace, covered with drywall.

The cold areas are obvious.

Convective looping (moving air) is happening as the fireplace warms up.

The cold is forced away from the fireplace, and here the drywall is probably 16" away.

So the solution is to remove the wood luaun panel on the underside of the fireplace box outdoors, and re-insulate the area properly, top to bottom, inside to outside.

And prevent air from being able to move inside that box!

Hopefully this will control the majority of the cold air felt in the family room!  And comfort is achieved.

My recommendation:  thermal imaging is a powerful tool and can evaluate things like this in a way that is not invasive and definitive.  The camera sees very long infrared wavelengths not visible to the human eye, measures temperatures, and organizes what it sees into an image.  Thermal patterns can be evaluated across surfaces evaluated to obtain meaningful data and interpretation.  And of course, all those interpreters, thermographers if you will, are really cute.  Give one a call!  You'll be glad you did.



Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC  

Based in Bristow, serving all of Northern Virginia.

Office (703) 330-6388   Cell (703) 585-7560


January 15 2015

"If you catch an adjective, kill it."

"When you catch an adjective, kill it."

That's a quote from one of the master writers of our time – Mark Twain.

dog catching a ball

Of course, that isn't the entire quote. The rest of it is: "No, I don't mean utterly, but kill most of them—then the rest will be valuable. They weaken when they are close together. They give strength when they are far apart."

Think about that when you're writing property descriptions. One adjective tied to a well-chosen noun will make an impression. A whole string of them will lose the reader. So will an adjective tied to every noun. It becomes a bit like wading through mud when you see something like:

"Enter this fantastic home through elegant 8' cherrywood entry doors, leading to a huge marble-tiled, two-story foyer enhanced by a glowing crystal chandelier."

They got it all in, but whew! Tough reading!

Something else to remember – if you're going to use an adjective, make it specific. Get rid of vague words like fantastic, good, great, large, spacious, pretty, beautiful, nice, etc. Those words could mean something different to every person who reads them. Instead, use words that paint an accurate word picture.

Instead of large, or small, or spacious tell the square footage.  Or say something descriptive – such as "There's even room for a grand piano."

Instead of a great view or a pretty view, say it has a "panoramic views of the valley." Or "Enjoy ever-changing views of the river from your kitchen window."

Instead of a good fence around the back yard, describe it. Is it a privacy fence? Is it a chain link fence to keep the dogs in? Or is it merely decorative, as in a split rail fence?


I will never forget a woman who, upon hearing that a property had beautiful trees, said "The only beautiful tree is a dead one."  Her agent found her a home on property that was mostly meadow – then she had the orchard and the remaining pines turned into firewood. 

Her agent's idea of beautiful and hers were definitely not the same. 

I know... with MLS you have very little space.So choose the most important benefits or features. If possible, add a "read more" link so you can give more details in carefully constructed sentences.


Priest River, Idaho


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Getting a Mortgage Loan by internet could be DANGEROUS

How much do you know about Mortgage Loans?

If you’re a Home Buyer, you’re probably aware of the importance of securing a LOW interest rate and might be somewhat aware of the need for cash for closing costs, but how much do you REALLY know?

The internet makes you think it’s EASY to get a loan on-line, and it CAN be easy for a person with impeccable credit, flush with cash, and buying a cookie cutter house on a cookie cutter lot in a cookie cutter neighborhood in a homogeneous real estate market.

None of that is reality for most folks.

Most REALTORS (Including me) USED to know a LOT about mortgage loans and interest rates and debt to income ratios and credit scores . . . but it’s a new ball game now with myriad, ever-changing loan products and incentives, an artificially low Interest rate environment, and a perceived emphasis on the NEED FOR SPEED.

What’s the rush?

Get this financing thing done RIGHT the first time.

I believe the ONLY way to do this is to meet face-to-face with a knowledgeable Mortgage Loan professional. This loan Pro will “Prequalify” you based on what you tell her (TELL THE TRUTH and TELL ALL OF IT) and will then do some diligence a la “Trust but Verify” the information you have provided . . . and THEN will start the process of finding the RIGHT loan to fit your financial scenario and your long range intentions.

There are things to consider – Down-payment, closing Costs, Mortgage Insurance, Taxes, Hazard Insurance, government guaranteed loans (FHA, VA, THDA, Rural Houses) . . . and any one of these can significantly affect you positively or negatively in any given scenario.

Most folks are a round peg and most loans are a square hole . . . The LOCAL Loan Originator will advise and counsel and strategize and brainstorm to find JUST the RIGHT loan for you . . . and will then work with your REALTOR to structure the Purchase contract in such a way as to avoid any blips.

So . . . I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all mortgage loan originators were not created equally – Some are better than others. Your best chance of success in this MOST important facet of the home buying process, relies on your relationship with a ROCK SOLID lender.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and want some guidance as to who to call, give me a holler. I won’t give you mortgage advice, but I’ll absolutely hook you up with the best lender for YOU.

OK – Quit doodling on the internet and connect with me NOW!



OBTW – After you’ve worked things out with the Lender, circle back to me . . . I’ll be sure to get you with the right REALTOR also :-)

About Barry Owen

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Roger Mucci, Sofas and Community Guidelines

Last night, I had a dream that I bought a sofa from Roger D. Mucci. About the only thing I remember is that Roger, who was wearing a toga, gave me a very lengthy explanation of how sofas are constructed, including what makes a sofa durable and what makes it comfortable, but those details have faded. The toga, however, remains. It was a very strange dream.


And for some reason, when I woke up this morning, there was a connection in my mind between my dream and Lynn Friedman's current AR contest, specifically in regards to the Community Guidelines and Weltanschauung. I found that too disturbing to deal with, so I got up and went to work, but by the time I got there, I had it figured out:


There's an analogy there, between sofa construction and ActiveRain.


(If you want to swipe left at this point, I wouldn't blame you)


The durability of a sofa depends on the construction of the frame. The best sofas are constructed from kiln-dried hardwood, with joints that are doweled, glued and reinforced. The springs will be eight-way hand-tied coil springs. A frame built this way will be solid, last a very long time, and support many incarnations, as tastes and styles change.


SofaLikewise, the ActiveRain Community Guidelines provide the framework for supporting a solid and long-lasting community. They are the rules, upon which all else rests, and their main component is respect, for the industry, the community, and fair housing. They hold everything together through the community's consent to be governed, ensured by fairness and equal treatment. And they provide the community with the strength it requires to adapt and change with the times, while still maintaining its unique character.


Having, and enforcing, well designed community guidelines is essential to the health and longevity of an on-line community. We have all been exposed to the alternative - sites that are undisciplined and irresponsible, full of bad behavior and disrespect. They are poorly designed, cheaply constructed and of little real utility to their subscribers. They tend to be short-lived.


We're fortunate to have a set of community guidelines that defines the underlying quality of our ActiveRain. The visionaries who wrote them were smart to build them well.


Tomorrow: Sofas and Weltanschauung

Mary & Dick

Mary & Dick Greenberg
New Paradigm Partners LLC
2601 S. Lemay Ave. #41
Fort Collins, CO 80525


Data Source: IRES MLS

Is your Smart Phone Making you Dumb?

Technology is at the forefront of our every day lives. Think back to a time when there were no cell phones, wi-fi, video on demand, or GPS. Now think about what would happen if it were all taken away from you. How would your daily life change? Would there even be measurable physical and psychological ramifications? A recent study by the University of Missouri suggests, yes, we can suffer separation anxiety when we don't have access to our smart phones. 

Scientists learned that smart phone users could perform tasks better when their smart phones were within reach of them. Tasks such as taking tests, public speaking, or completing basic work assignments were all performed at a higher level when the individuals had immediate access to their smart phone. 

The research also indicated that when participants in the study were prohibited from answering their ringing smart phone while performing a basic task their heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels all increased. There is now even a scientifically documented and labeled fear called "nomophia" (no-mobile-phone phobia). 

Entrepreneurs and business professionals are tied to their smart phones and mobile technology as part of the ever growing and expanding world of global economies. It's impossible to compete in today's business world without being technologically saavy but the physical toll that technology is taking on us may be cause to at least re-evaluate how we use and deal with that technology on a daily basis.

For information on Real Estate in Gilbert Arizona contact us through our website at zionrealtyaz.com or follow us on Twitter @zionrealty and Facebook at Facebook.com/zionreaty



The New Encinitas Community Park is Open in Encinitas CA

The New Encinitas Community Park is Open


The New Encinitas Community PAak in Encinitas CAEncinitas has completed the long-awaited Encinitas Community Park and it opened unofficially in December, with an official grand opening that took place January 10th.


The new Encinitas Community Park is located off Mackinnon, adjacent to the 5-freeway and behind the VONS Shopping Center at 425 Santa Fe. Construction began in 2012 with an estimated budget of $20 million.


The Encinitas Community Park, on 44 acres, offers plenty of parking, paved walking trails and benches, a 13,000 SF skate park and plaza, multi-use sports fields (soccer, softball, 2 baseball), 2 rest room buildings, passive recreational areas, a play ground, the Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park, and ample green space for residents and visitors to enjoy.


New Community Park in Encinitas CA - skate park and plaza 


Hours for the Encinitas Community Park are 5 am til 10 pm, except the sport fields, dog park and skate park are open 8 am until dusk.


A view of the newly built Commuity Park in Encinitas CA


Encinitas Community Park

425 Santa Fe Drive

Encinitas, CA  92024

706-633-2740 (Park and Recreation)


Dedication tile for donors to the Encinitas Community Park


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The Weltanschauung of Active Rain

Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view.

Active Rain's Weltanschauung is summed up in 10 concise statements, one of which is:

"ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another."

As I re-read these guiding principles today, that is the one that jumped out to me. The education I have received here on Active Rain in the last 5 years is huge. Here's some of what I've learned:

    • Facebook tips

Learning from one another

  • about Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram
  • why print marketing is still important and valuable in this era of technology
  • how to turn a graphic into a clickable link
  • which programs are great (and free) to use to enhance photos
  • which cameras hold which advantages
  • ditto for cell phones, computers, and tablets
  • how to write better titles for our posts
  • recommendation of books to read
  • various styles of graphs
  • market reports, and how to make them appealing
  • how to create engaging videos

I've learned that open houses work well in some parts of the country, but not others; that real estate markets have definite peaks and valleys in some places, less so in others. I've learned which areas are experiencing sellers' market and which favor buyers. I've learned the similarities in our areas, whether west coast or east, urban or rural. I've learned that safety for ourselves and our clients is paramount to all, and that we don't all take the same steps to ensure it.

This education comes from the posts that are written as well as from the comments left. The Rain Camps were a source of amazing education; the meet-ups often continue that education. There are webinars and YouTube videos that take learning to another level.

Ask a question, and you'll receive a wide variety of answers, one likely to be the spark for which you're looking.

"ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another" plays out in practice.


--- Just another benefit of living here!

Lottie Kendall, Realtor

Today | Sotheby's International Realty

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January 14 2015

Top 10 Tips For Empty-Nesters To Let It Go!

As Realtors on The North Shore of Long Island, we list and sell a considerable amount of Real Estate working with seniors who are either downsizing or thinking about it.
When deciding if it's time for Baby Boomers to leave their family home for a smaller place, there are many things to think about. Of course, for some, it's not an easy choice to make.
You don't need your large house anymore.
You don't want to clean your large house anymore.
You don't want the financial burdens that are attached to owning a large house.
You don't want to think about how difficult it might be to sort through everything in your large house to get ready for the move.
However, we are finding that many consumers do want to simplify their lifestyles, less maintenance, more travel, more leisure time. In other words, they want to free up their time and energy for more creative pursuits.


To help Baby Boomers prepare for the downsizing move, here are 10 Tips to help de-clutter your home. By the way, for those of you "youngsters" who don't know who the "Baby Boomers" are, they are those who were born just after World War II and are called so because of the boom in the number of babies born during that period.


1. Start Slow ~  Start with a room that is not often used anymore, like a basement, a formal dining room, or those extra spare bedrooms. This way you avoid cluttering the areas of the home that are used regularly.

2. Sort Everything ~ While still in your current residence, sort through everything. Look around the house and toss everything away that you genuinely don't need. Put aside the items that you can sell or donate and take care of those before you move.
3. Closets ~ Assort your clothes and really look at the things that you haven't worn in a long time, or don't even fit you anymore. If you haven't worn something in a couple of years, it's time to let go.
4. Furniture ~ Really look at all your furniture and think about the space you will have in your new place. When you start with the large items like furniture, you will feel you are more progressive. Then you can move towards the smallest items like knick-knacks or collectibles.

5. Let The Family Have Stuff ~ If  you still have things that belong to your children or other family members, see it they want them. Otherwise get rid of it. If they don't want it, why are you holding onto it?

6. Storage/Attics/Garages ~ Look at your tools, mowers, storage, outdated anything, or whatever else is stored in your garage and get rid of what you don't need. If you move into a condo, chances are they provide all the yard maintenance for you, so do you really need this stuff? There’s usually good items to sell in a garage sale. Why not make extra money, while cleaning out the home.
7. Personal Papers And Photographs ~ These often take the most time to go through. Take your time and decide whether to keep, save for your children, or shred. You don’t need to discard photos, but you do need to consider how to organize and store them.
8. Gifts And Sentimental Items ~ If you're still hanging onto your children's school papers, and old clothes, ask yourself why? Also as to those gifts that you have received for all kinds of occasions, it’s okay to let go of well-intended but not-quite-on-the-mark gifts. Maybe keep a clear plastic “memory box” for the very special items you want to keep.
9. Keep, Sell, Donate, Or Trash ~ Although it maybe difficult to part with possessions, doing so is often a must for anyone planning to downsize. Begin by dividing belongings into keep, sell, donate, and trash categories.  Knowing that others will appreciate these things might make parting with the items a bit easier.
10. Let Things Go ~  Don't be afraid to let things go. After all, they are just material things and you might feel a little better living a little lighter. Start to de-clutter your home ahead of the move, you will be able to move into a smaller home easier, lighter and ready for the new excitement ahead!
And, of course, #11 would be to call Lawrence "Larry" and Sheila, Real Estate Associate Broker and RE Salesperson at 631-805-4400 (c), if you are downsizing on The North Shore Of Long Island!

This advertisement does not suggest that the broker has listing or transaction in this property or properties or that any property is currently available. 
If your home or condo is listed with another broker, this is not a solicitation of the property.
Sale May Be Subject To Term & Conditions Of An Offering Plan.
Lawrence & Sheila disclaims liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use or reliance on information contained in the blog or for the accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to the blogs.​
All data is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate.


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My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015 


With all the talk, double-talk, assumptions and guessing about what is what with SEO these days there are a few things you can count on no matter what happens with Google and other search engines. 


You will not go wrong by drilling down into your niche, flying under the radar of the big 4.


Choose terms that their SEO departments are not going after. These big guys spend over a $100,000 a day for PPC and they want the biggest bang for their buck so they are not going to piddle around with terms that you can still make good contacts, closings and income from. 


My top prediction for SEO moving forward is about branding. 


I believe that just as I stated about 9 years ago that it was time to start building your own personal brand on the internet because Google is all about brand. 


They have a patent for their Panda algorithm that specifically discusses the importance of ranking search results. 


Then add on to that the fact that Eric Schmidt (when he was CEO of Google) stated that the internet is a cesspool and that brands would be who cleans it up. 


Think about why the big 4 were able to capture so many top spots on Google page one for the very terms that real estate agents for years before the arrival of those "brands" were dominating by themselves. The problem was agents were driving their sites with IDX and home search results trying to be the search engine for the home buyers in anonymity which came back to bite them because that is absence of brand. 


Moving forward into 2015 there are ways in which you can beat the big 4 in organic search using SEO and I predict that this will by establishing the following brands: 


1. Your name or your name + real estate agent as a brand ( if you have a famous actor's name)


2. Your company name ( if you are the broker/ owner) as a brand


3. Your niche keyword terms as a brand 


There was such a misconception in the SEO world about brands for years before Panda and Penguin, etc. The focus was on generic keywords and not brands.  For years, that thinking was put into practice. I have always stated from the beginning of learning SEO that creating your brands online was going to be the way that you can set yourself apart from your competitors. 


Those who followed this advice weathered the storm of Panda and Penguin and of the big 4 dominance on the SERPS. 


If you are not one of those, it is not too late to start establishing yourself as a brand on the internet in 2015. 


We started really working to dominate our company brand on the internet about 6 months ago. Before that for years we had some competing real estate companies who share the same name as our company: International Properties and Investments LLC.  One of those companies had almost the entire page of page one on google serps packed in for them. 


Today I looked to see how we are doing and to my pleasant surprise, in Google incognito window and logged out of Google, we have ALL 10 spaces on page one with our company name and platforms that have our company profiles. 


  • Our point 2 agent website is #1 with our Google local page attached, 
  • #2 is the brand new EMD (Exact Match Domain) site that I am in the process of creating which will become our branded main company website, 
  • #3 is a Yelp review about our brand, company name, 
  • #4 is our facebook business page for our company, 
  • #5 is our ActiveRain profile, 
  • #6 and #7 is our market leader website,
  • #8 is our Google plus business page, 
  • #9 is our Pinterest business company name page and 
  • #10 is a YouTube playlist named for our company brand on my personal YouTube channel. 




Get your Free SEO Field Guide - containing your checklists of onpage and offpage SEO tasks, click here


We can teach you how to do this yourself in our SEO courses or you can order done for you packages which include our virtual assistants to help you with your marketing. 


Tenants - Should they stay, or should they go.

 Dilemma, What to do with Renters when it's Time to Sell. 

Stay or Go?

Should they stay, or should they go?  There is often no right answer. The owners of a lovely rental home in Camas are moving and need to sell their investment property. The renters, who want to buy the home at a large discount, begged to stay until they get an acceptable offer. The owners ( me too) are worried they might sabotage the sale, consciously, or subconsciously. This recent dilemma reminds me of the Clash song, Should I stay, or Should I Go."  

Should you want a little rock n' roll intermission, here's the Clash song for your entertainment. 


The Renters Take Great Care of the Home.

You'll need some history to make a determination in this case. The renters have been in the home for three years. They pay on time, and take excellent care of the property - inside and out. Further, the wife is a great decorator and the home looked staged the day I went to preview it with the owner. 

Mr. Renter was also around that day and made several pointed remarks about their desire to purchase the home. ( At the time, they had  already been given a 60 days notice.)  As I left, he reminded me to let him know what we decided on a sales price. I discussed it with the owners, and they agreed to share the pricing  information with him prior to listing. 

Several days after giving him access to the CMA and countless emails, his agent ( surprise,  he inferred he didn't have an agent) called to discuss either a discounted purchase price  (about $40,000 less than the current market value - because of no hassles ), or allowing them to remain in the home on a month to month basis until an offer is accepted. 

My first inclination was positive, not for the discounted offer, but to keep the home occupied. After all, this couple really takes great care of the home and have an excellent rental history. On the plus side, the house looks great with their furnishings and it won't sit empty during the winter months. 

However, the more I gave it thought, the more concerned I became about their offer. It's quite possible they might become an impediment to showings. After all, in Washington ( and most states ), we have to give any tenant at least 24 hours prior notice to enter the home.  Plus, they have been quite vocal about wanting the home, and weren't entirely forthright with us.  What if that behavior escalates?

The owners also discussed their unhappiness in their tactics to share our CMA when they clearly had an agent to help them make a fair offer. He didn't disclose that at the time he asked for information about the listing price and what the sellers needed as a bottom line.  In fact, he inferred it would be a private sale. ( This is not about dual agency - and I always encourage buyers to seek their own representation. This is about the tenant's dishonesty regarding an agent and manipulation to get information.) 

Bottom line, both he and the agent were shocked when I relayed the owners' desires. There will be no deal, and no more negotiations. They need to be out on January 18, 2015, as previously agreed.  There's another line in the Clash song about the decision to stay or go,  "If I go there will be trouble, if I stay it will be double."   That's exactly what caused our concern. What would you have done? 



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