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All Methods of Marketing Work When Executed Properly


I’m thinking about the “Nay-Sayers” of direct mail marketing, and it occurred to me that there is not a method of marketing that “does not work.”   Every method of marketing works when executed properly.  Every method of marketing is a successful method when the user of that method makes it attractive to the recipient. 

All marketplaces are very different, and that means adjustments must be made to attract homeowners in each marketplace to respond positively to marketing methods.   Too often, there are naïve agents who actually pay attention to seasoned agents because they are seasoned!!  That’s counterproductive and the mentor who is leading the way should understand and be honest with the mentee.

Homeowners have one common trait.   They all want a sale.  They will respond positively to an agent who convinces them that he/she will market their homes properly and will lead the homeowners to the closing table.  The methods used to address that issue with each homeowner are many.  The way each method is executed will determine the success of the method. 


The “Nay-Sayers” need to realize that their abilities may not warrant success; and until the agents do some self-evaluation and admit that their skill levels may not be up to par, there are methods that will NEVER WORK FOR THEM!!!  

Barbara Todaro, sales manager of RE/MAX Executive Realty 

Team Leader of The Kuney-Todaro Team

308 W. Central St

Franklin, MA 02038



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