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Time just flies... when you're having fun "20 Years"

It's hard for me to remember my 29 year old self that sat in the closing in my attorney's office 20 years ago today and signed closing papers. My daughter was a precocious 6 year old at the time.  My parents were way more terrified about me owning a real estate firm than I was.  I guess still in my 20s I felt a little leftover "invisible" and never even considered failure as an option.

This industry has changed so much in that 20 years.  The concept of buyer's agency had been around for a while, but was brand new at actually being used in my state.  I didn't yet even have my broker's license when I bought the company. In fact I was first licensed in August of 1994.  The two years prior to that I was the secretary at Lane Realty.  Real estate school was a walk in park for me.  I aced every assignment and my state test. My former broker and mentor, Jim Lane, was a great teacher. He also agreed to stay on as the qualifying broker for the firm until the three years had passed and I could sit for my broker's test. (Which I also passed with flying colors)

Mostly in 1995 my advertising was in classified line ads and real estate magazines. It was just three years before I pioneered the first Lake-Sinclair website. I beat all the big box firms to an online presense in my market and that's a milestone I'm still proud of today.  Know how many people in my MLS blog regularly? There are about three of us.  I used a photo taken the same day as this one until sometime in the late 90s. Of course besides the fact I'm going gray I think I look the same.  

I still treat my customers like family and I still love what I do.  Looking back my daughter literally grew up in my office. She had just turned 4 when I started working here the summer of 1992.  By the time she was 7 she was answering my phone and taking messages like a grown up and entering listings into the MLS and filing for me. I've been told by various other people that she has worked for over the years what a great work ethic she has, I am proud to say that she learned a lot of that at Lane Realty.

Just 8 years ago I built a new office and doubled my space in order to grow my business.  In the last couple of years I've doubled the agents working for me and am happy to report they all are doing well and I hope to add another couple this year as well. My agents have fun too and we cook lunch at the office together and laugh all the time. 

I don't know if I'll still be selling real estate in another 20 years, but if I'm still having fun I might be. But I'm enjoying celebrating my owner anniversary today. 




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