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UPDATE! 2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge - Great Participation!

2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge
Great Participation!


Thanks to all of the ActiveRain members who are participating in the Jumpstart! Your joining this Challenge and the Debbie Reynolds Ringing and Singing Challenge
  add depth to our AR community.         


Why does participation enhance our AR community? In more than one way, for sure.

  • A large body of QUALITY Blog posts on ActiveRain creates more powerful recognition online for all AR Bloggers.
  • A better understanding of the founding principles of the ActiveRain community allows us to keep the positive values to the forefront as we write.
  • We meet each other in a slightly different way when we are all involved in an ActiveRain  project together.    

Check out some of the wonderful explanations of the Weltanschauung and the Community Guidelines that have appreared! Starting with the "W" -  Fred Griffin from Florida,      Gita Bantwal from Pennsylvania,   Jeff Dowler from California,   Bob Crane from Wisconsin,    Sharon Alters from Florida,    Michael Thornton from Tennessee  and many others.

If you go to the search bar on the upper right of the screen, type in WELTANSCHAUUNG and click - you will see many more examples.

For the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES, please do the same thing. Go to the search bar on the upper right of the screen, type in ActiveRain Community Guidelines  and click - you will see examples.  Endre Barath from California    William Johnson from California   Kathleen Daniels from California   Larry Lawfer from Massachusetts (Oldie but goodie - from 2014)

That's all from me for now -
Keep going - we are about 1/2 way through!!

Have a happy day -

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