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Earthquake's Are Real. Is Your Home Green Tag Worthy For A Disaster?

Earthquake's Are Real. Is Your Home

Green Tag Worthy For A Disaster?  



In my previous post Shame On You, Shame On you, Shame On You! I left a pretty riveting message about the responsibility you have as a family head of
household, citizen and neighbor
to make sure that you and your family can survive the effects of a natural or man made disaster and not have to become another statistic or dependent on what will without a doubt a heavily burdened emergency response system.


Albeit when disaster strikes we rarely if ever have the time to react there are things we can do to mitigate and be as prepared as possible to ride out that storm. Those things we do or don't do can and will determine our fate and very well may determine the safety and well being of our family and home.


There are very will defined levels of precaution and measures you can take when it comes to the structural integrity and overall safety of your home, school, church or place of business. By wisely investing some time, money and effort you could very possibly remain in the comforts and confines of your own home while others around you are living in panic and possibly even squalor. 


Little things like latch locks on your cupboards, closets, drawers and even doors can often minimize damage and reduce the danger of flying objects, i.e. TV's, appliances, broken glass, etc and confine flying debris to protected and enclosed areas. 


You can also purchase adhesives and fasteners that will anchor and secure breakable items that you like to show off or display i.e. china, crystal, sculptures, exotic rock collections, etc. Not only will you preserve and protect priceless keepsakes you will more importantly keep them from becoming missiles or projectiles that can cause serious injury and even death. 



As for the structural aspects of your home there are many things that can and should be done to keep your home from becoming a total RED TAGGED loss. If it's a circa 50's or earlier structure there's a good chance that it was not properly or perhaps not even bolted to the foundation at all. Even if it were bolted it's likely that with a structure that old  that it would be time for some retrofitting and upgrading anyway.


There are literally thousands of older homes that are not properly secured to their foundations and could slide off in an earthquake. Once a home moves laterally even a few inches it can severe the electrical, plumbing, sewer and gas lines leaving it venerable to explosion, fire and various levels of contamination. 



If your home was built on a cripple wall (located in the crawl space area under your home) and it has not been shear paneled you run the risk of a total collapse and loss. Your home will surely be RED TAGGEDIn many if not most cases after a home has been RED TAGGED you may not even be permitted to go back into your home for personal possessions. Instead a bulldozer and an endloader will show up to demo and remove the entire structure contents and all.



Taking these precautions can earn you a GREEN TAG and keep you and your family in your home and safe. But it doesn't stop there. It may take several days and in some cases perhaps even weeks before utilities will be turned back on, markets will reopen, roads will be repaired for safe passage, doctors and hospitals will regain their equilibrium, etc. So go that extra distance and make sure you have enough potable water and food items to get you through these challenging times. 


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