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Does Your Realtor Play Well with Others?

Does Your Realtor ‘Play Well with Others?’

In the first scenario, the buyer’s agent does not pick up her phone or respond to emails. Contractual deadlines come and go with no action taken by that side. They buyer’s agent receives two notices to perform for missed deadlines and acknowledges neither of them. The buyer’s loan closes late but the buyer’s agent and buyer are unwilling to pay the seller any late fees. The 4 week escrow turns into 6 weeks with uncertainty during much of that time. The seller is on the brink of cancelling the deal several times.

In the second scenario, the buyer’s agent communicates readily and pleasantly with the listing agent. There are issues with getting a loan on the property, and then later, a low appraisal. Despite these difficulties, the agents communicate easily back and forth, get on the phone when they need to, and the deal closes with a good feeling for all.

I was the listing agent for both of these deals and the experiences were day and night. One agent I would happily work with again, the other, absolutely not. One of the many unspoken truths about real estate is that your agent's reputation among other agents will impact the likelihood of your offer being accepted.

Despite the abundance of books and articles telling you how to select a Realtor, nowhere in these articles do they include whether the agent ‘plays well with other agents.’ Despite the silly idiom, this is a critical, often overlooked fact in whether your transaction will succeed. An agent’s reputation, credibility and interpersonal skills with other agents will have direct bearing on the success of your transaction.

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