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Should you use a Cell Phone when taking pictures of Home For Sale?

Do pictures REALLY MATTER when Selling your home? WHY when you used your cell phone did you take the picture up and down so the right and left side of the house is cut off? WHY is it so hard to put more than 1 picture in MLS? Why is it so hard to get the 1st picture you see of the front of the home? Why i the first picture a kitchen? These are all questions for Listing Agents that just don't seem how to properly take pictures or upload them with their listings. There is nothing wrong with using a cell phone, some of todays cell phone shave better cameras than cameras. It is knowing how to use them, how to hold them and getting good pictures from what ever you use to take the picture.


Buyers LOVE pictures. They love looking at the outside, the inside and neighborhood photos. If there is no photo them may just skip to the next listing. Many Home owners wonder why their home has not sold. The blame may be the marketing.


Did you happen to see my Blog on HOW TO BUY A HOME AND GET A FREE BOAT?



The HARD TRUTH is it is the Home Owner, yes the SELLER is the one that will suffer from this lack of time and effort to list a home properly. Most sellers will look to see who has the most ads, maybe who has sold the most homes and chose them. No checking, no questions and no comparing them to anyone else.


The moral of the story is Home Sellers have a choice. A good listing agent gives you the time you deserve and gives the seller the BEST marketing plan to sell their home.


The BEST way to start the home Selling process is by hiring A "Good" LISTING AGENT who will guide the Seller through the entire Home Selling process. One that is local, experienced, full service and is there when they need them.


In the end "The MORAL to this story" is that a great agent can bring great results.


Everyone should know that A ll Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST, not just the biggest Real Estate Agent or Broker.


B y using a philosophy, which is simple, to provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process, I can help you find your dream home . 




 1. LEARN THIS ONE FACT: One should know that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest Agent or Company. It is important to Hire the BEST Agent. In NH that could be me.   

2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT AGENT: As a Buyer OR Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your home sold. It starts with choosing the right agent. a. Ask for a Full time agent whose sole job is to sell homes. b. Ask for a Full service agent who will guide you through each step of the selling process. Discount brokers often equal discount services. c. Ask for a Local agent who knows your neighborhood and is readily available when you need them is a must. Out of town agents can leave you high and dry in your time of need. d. Ask for a well experienced Listing Agent can give you the advantages you need when selling your home. Not all agents are created equal. Choose only the best.  

 3. HOME BUYERS SHOULD START BY:  Getting a FREE PRE-QUALIFICATION with a local and trusted lender. They will look at your credit and financial picture and let you know what type of mortgage you may qualify for and what your interest rate and monthly payment may be.   

4. HOME SELLERS SHOULD START BYGetting a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS. Learn what your property is worth in today's market along with how ling it may take to sell. If you are ready to sell now, learn what you should ask for it. How much offers may come in at and what the approximate selling price should be. NH Home owners should contact me now.   



IN SUMMARY the key to having a successful purchase or sale can increase simply choosing a better agent. The secret is that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest. I leave you with now infamous philosophy, which is simple, to provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process.



If you are thinking of buying a Home please contact us. We offer you assistance to get a free pre-qualification for a mortgage,along with some of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE through each step of the Buying Process.

It does not take magic to turn your "For Sale" sign into a "Sold" sign. it takes a full time Local Agent who specializes in Listing homes like yours.

Please call for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS to know what the value of your home is.

Search the NH Multiple Listing service by clicking here 

If you need to sell your home and you owe more than your house is worth, i may be able to help. I specialize in working with home owners to get your home sold. There are many options such as a short sale which may be able to help you.


We are local agents with experience who GET RESULTS!!!

We stand by you through every step in selling your home..

About the Author: Scott Godzyk is the Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services in Manchester NH. With 29 years of experience, Scott is a leading Agent for Listing and Selling Homes in this area. To CONTACT Scott Godzyk please call 603.661.2121 or EMAIL:  Sctprop@aol.com  . We are Full Time Agents ready to serve all of your Real Estate needs through each step of the Buying process.

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