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Top 10 Tips For Empty-Nesters To Let It Go!

As Realtors on The North Shore of Long Island, we list and sell a considerable amount of Real Estate working with seniors who are either downsizing or thinking about it.
When deciding if it's time for Baby Boomers to leave their family home for a smaller place, there are many things to think about. Of course, for some, it's not an easy choice to make.
You don't need your large house anymore.
You don't want to clean your large house anymore.
You don't want the financial burdens that are attached to owning a large house.
You don't want to think about how difficult it might be to sort through everything in your large house to get ready for the move.
However, we are finding that many consumers do want to simplify their lifestyles, less maintenance, more travel, more leisure time. In other words, they want to free up their time and energy for more creative pursuits.


To help Baby Boomers prepare for the downsizing move, here are 10 Tips to help de-clutter your home. By the way, for those of you "youngsters" who don't know who the "Baby Boomers" are, they are those who were born just after World War II and are called so because of the boom in the number of babies born during that period.


1. Start Slow ~  Start with a room that is not often used anymore, like a basement, a formal dining room, or those extra spare bedrooms. This way you avoid cluttering the areas of the home that are used regularly.

2. Sort Everything ~ While still in your current residence, sort through everything. Look around the house and toss everything away that you genuinely don't need. Put aside the items that you can sell or donate and take care of those before you move.
3. Closets ~ Assort your clothes and really look at the things that you haven't worn in a long time, or don't even fit you anymore. If you haven't worn something in a couple of years, it's time to let go.
4. Furniture ~ Really look at all your furniture and think about the space you will have in your new place. When you start with the large items like furniture, you will feel you are more progressive. Then you can move towards the smallest items like knick-knacks or collectibles.

5. Let The Family Have Stuff ~ If  you still have things that belong to your children or other family members, see it they want them. Otherwise get rid of it. If they don't want it, why are you holding onto it?

6. Storage/Attics/Garages ~ Look at your tools, mowers, storage, outdated anything, or whatever else is stored in your garage and get rid of what you don't need. If you move into a condo, chances are they provide all the yard maintenance for you, so do you really need this stuff? There’s usually good items to sell in a garage sale. Why not make extra money, while cleaning out the home.
7. Personal Papers And Photographs ~ These often take the most time to go through. Take your time and decide whether to keep, save for your children, or shred. You don’t need to discard photos, but you do need to consider how to organize and store them.
8. Gifts And Sentimental Items ~ If you're still hanging onto your children's school papers, and old clothes, ask yourself why? Also as to those gifts that you have received for all kinds of occasions, it’s okay to let go of well-intended but not-quite-on-the-mark gifts. Maybe keep a clear plastic “memory box” for the very special items you want to keep.
9. Keep, Sell, Donate, Or Trash ~ Although it maybe difficult to part with possessions, doing so is often a must for anyone planning to downsize. Begin by dividing belongings into keep, sell, donate, and trash categories.  Knowing that others will appreciate these things might make parting with the items a bit easier.
10. Let Things Go ~  Don't be afraid to let things go. After all, they are just material things and you might feel a little better living a little lighter. Start to de-clutter your home ahead of the move, you will be able to move into a smaller home easier, lighter and ready for the new excitement ahead!
And, of course, #11 would be to call Lawrence "Larry" and Sheila, Real Estate Associate Broker and RE Salesperson at 631-805-4400 (c), if you are downsizing on The North Shore Of Long Island!

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