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The Weltanschauung of Active Rain

Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view.

Active Rain's Weltanschauung is summed up in 10 concise statements, one of which is:

"ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another."

As I re-read these guiding principles today, that is the one that jumped out to me. The education I have received here on Active Rain in the last 5 years is huge. Here's some of what I've learned:

    • Facebook tips

Learning from one another

  • about Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram
  • why print marketing is still important and valuable in this era of technology
  • how to turn a graphic into a clickable link
  • which programs are great (and free) to use to enhance photos
  • which cameras hold which advantages
  • ditto for cell phones, computers, and tablets
  • how to write better titles for our posts
  • recommendation of books to read
  • various styles of graphs
  • market reports, and how to make them appealing
  • how to create engaging videos

I've learned that open houses work well in some parts of the country, but not others; that real estate markets have definite peaks and valleys in some places, less so in others. I've learned which areas are experiencing sellers' market and which favor buyers. I've learned the similarities in our areas, whether west coast or east, urban or rural. I've learned that safety for ourselves and our clients is paramount to all, and that we don't all take the same steps to ensure it.

This education comes from the posts that are written as well as from the comments left. The Rain Camps were a source of amazing education; the meet-ups often continue that education. There are webinars and YouTube videos that take learning to another level.

Ask a question, and you'll receive a wide variety of answers, one likely to be the spark for which you're looking.

"ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another" plays out in practice.


--- Just another benefit of living here!

Lottie Kendall, Realtor

Today | Sotheby's International Realty

San Carlos, California, 94070

CA BRE#01215160; 650-465-4547






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