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Is your Smart Phone Making you Dumb?

Technology is at the forefront of our every day lives. Think back to a time when there were no cell phones, wi-fi, video on demand, or GPS. Now think about what would happen if it were all taken away from you. How would your daily life change? Would there even be measurable physical and psychological ramifications? A recent study by the University of Missouri suggests, yes, we can suffer separation anxiety when we don't have access to our smart phones. 

Scientists learned that smart phone users could perform tasks better when their smart phones were within reach of them. Tasks such as taking tests, public speaking, or completing basic work assignments were all performed at a higher level when the individuals had immediate access to their smart phone. 

The research also indicated that when participants in the study were prohibited from answering their ringing smart phone while performing a basic task their heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels all increased. There is now even a scientifically documented and labeled fear called "nomophia" (no-mobile-phone phobia). 

Entrepreneurs and business professionals are tied to their smart phones and mobile technology as part of the ever growing and expanding world of global economies. It's impossible to compete in today's business world without being technologically saavy but the physical toll that technology is taking on us may be cause to at least re-evaluate how we use and deal with that technology on a daily basis.

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