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Roger Mucci, Sofas and Community Guidelines

Last night, I had a dream that I bought a sofa from Roger D. Mucci. About the only thing I remember is that Roger, who was wearing a toga, gave me a very lengthy explanation of how sofas are constructed, including what makes a sofa durable and what makes it comfortable, but those details have faded. The toga, however, remains. It was a very strange dream.


And for some reason, when I woke up this morning, there was a connection in my mind between my dream and Lynn Friedman's current AR contest, specifically in regards to the Community Guidelines and Weltanschauung. I found that too disturbing to deal with, so I got up and went to work, but by the time I got there, I had it figured out:


There's an analogy there, between sofa construction and ActiveRain.


(If you want to swipe left at this point, I wouldn't blame you)


The durability of a sofa depends on the construction of the frame. The best sofas are constructed from kiln-dried hardwood, with joints that are doweled, glued and reinforced. The springs will be eight-way hand-tied coil springs. A frame built this way will be solid, last a very long time, and support many incarnations, as tastes and styles change.


SofaLikewise, the ActiveRain Community Guidelines provide the framework for supporting a solid and long-lasting community. They are the rules, upon which all else rests, and their main component is respect, for the industry, the community, and fair housing. They hold everything together through the community's consent to be governed, ensured by fairness and equal treatment. And they provide the community with the strength it requires to adapt and change with the times, while still maintaining its unique character.


Having, and enforcing, well designed community guidelines is essential to the health and longevity of an on-line community. We have all been exposed to the alternative - sites that are undisciplined and irresponsible, full of bad behavior and disrespect. They are poorly designed, cheaply constructed and of little real utility to their subscribers. They tend to be short-lived.


We're fortunate to have a set of community guidelines that defines the underlying quality of our ActiveRain. The visionaries who wrote them were smart to build them well.


Tomorrow: Sofas and Weltanschauung

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