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Why would you buy the most expensive purchase in your life without a professional representing you?  It really isn't a very smart move.  The buyer's agent usually doesn't charge you.  They get paid from the transaction.  It's not only about price that you need to know about.

In a seller's market it may be about getting that home in the hot town.  It is about structuring the offer so that your offer is looked at in the most favorable of terms.  Is the price fair?  It's also about walking through the mine field of issues without losing money.  What does the home inspection results mean?

What happens now that I have radon in the water.  Does the home having lead paint mean adverse issues for me?  What does that drainage easement mean?  What is the HOA and what can I do or not do? 

Who meets the appraiser?  Who meets the fire department for the smoke/carbon inspection?  Who installs the smoke/carbon detectors?  Realtors are not just pretty faces.  Always use a Realtor when buying or selling.

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