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California Real Estate Law | Record Retention Rules

California Real Estate Law | Record Retention Rules


As a real estate broker, I pay attention to changes and clarifications in California Real Estate Law as a matter of course. I was attending my office meeting this morning and the discussion turned to new laws  fro 2015.

One change is really more of a clarification. Business and Professions Code Section 10148 and Civil Code Section 1624 addresses the requirement to maintain records for three years. The new law clarifies that text messages and instant messages are not considered messages for the purposes of complying with the existing law.

Emails, however, are not exempt.

Did you know that all email communications needed to be kept for a period of 3 years in California? I didn't! To be fair...I keep them anyway. But I thought this issue was important, so I wanted to alert my fellow Californians about this.





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