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Prospecting is the real business

Prospecting is the real business even though we are in the real estate business.  In most states it is not too difficult to get your license to sell real estate. It is always less time and less money than any college degree. Lots of people have their license.  The low income averages of real estate agents across the country I am sure have lots to do with people who have a license and work barely at all, part time or not very well.  Following the adage that even the blind squirrel can find the nut sometimes then any agent can find a listing or a buyer at some point.

The difference between a below average agent and the good to great agents is the good to great agents understand that we are not in the real estate business we are in the prospecting business. We are tasked, no, let me say this differently, we have the duty and Larry Lawfer testimonialopportunity to follow our local real estate market every single day and understand what is going on in it so that we can explain that to our sphere of influence, clients and prospects.  Should we fail on this simple task even for one day we are missing our opportunity.  If you are an agent who thinks the market is slow, or difficult I have to say, it is not the market it is you.  You are responsible for talking to people on a daily basis about what is going on in the market.

Food, Shelter and Clothing are the three primary needs of all humans.  Real Estate is number two on that hit parade. Everyone needs a place to stay, everyone will move at least once in your life. Prospecting is your job as an agent so that you can find these people and help them. Give it a try on a consistent basis for a week and watch what happens to your life, Prospecting is the real business

Larry Lawfer

Realtor®, Director of Marketing, Tech Ambassador

YourStories Realty Group with Keller Williams

680 High Street

Westwood, MA 02090

larry@lawfer.com, 617-774-8292

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