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Last Week's Favorites on ActiveRain: January 11th - 17th

This week just flew by!  And this made me glad that I bookmark so many posts throughout the week!  and here are the ones I liked the best this week:

Motivation vs Discipline Chuck Willman:  I just loved this post.  And in my book, discipline trumps just about everything.

Liability and Fiduciary Responsibility While Showing Property Chris Ann Cleland: This one got comments as good as the post.

Showing In Session... Here's Your Sign! Amanda Thomas:  And here is a solution that Miss Manners would love.

It is a good practice for a professional listen more than they talk Greg Steinaker:  We should all read this once a month - at least!

Sellers over-posting on Social Media Vanessa Griffin:  Here's another one of "those" conversations we need to have with our sellers.

"If you catch an adjective, kill it." Marte Cliff:  Perhaps should be here every single week!

Who Needs a Parachute?! Melinda () Peterson:  There are so many terrific Rainers trying all kinds of stuff - and sharing it!

Prospecting is the real business Larry Lawfer:  This is like, um, Real Estate 101!

January 15th 2015 San Diego Photo Journal - Balboa Park Rose Garden William Johnson:  What amazing roses!

And Frozen Pipes from LOW temps can flood basements ~ Scarsdale NY 10583 Hillary Sheperd:  Thank you Debbie Reynolds!  And so seasonal.

That's it for this week.  In the meantime, stay warm (I don't have to say this you folks in Florida or California)  and please, blog on!








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