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Serendipty Sunday – The Importance of You Being Present in the Moment!



Serendipty Sunday – The Importance of You Being Present in the Moment!


I have been so very fortunate this week to hit an ActiveRain milestone, and I couldn’t have done it without the community that is here, willing to help and willing to contribute to my success!


There are folks here who post tons of posts to their blogs, but they rarely, if ever, comment on other people’s posts.


I have made tons of friends and even gotten clients through commenting and posting here on the Rain.  Now, which is more important?


To me, it is commenting on other people’s posts.  And, the reason for that is that you know what is going on in their professional and, sometimes, personal lives.


When you make connections like that in this forum, you become a trusted person.  And, trust brings friendships and more connections.  And, isn’t that what social media should really be?  Connections! 


So, what this all boils down to is, if you don’t see me post for several days, you can be sure that I am still connecting with other members. 


That is the way I roll….to borrow a long over done phrase.  The main point is, if you don’t comment and make a sincere effort to get to know and understand those whom you comment on, you will get the reputation that you are only in it for the points.


So make an effort to get to know a few people a week, and your life will be much richer, whether here on the Rain or in your community where you live.


That’s my opinion anyway…try it.  And, have a great week!


Best, Ron



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